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  • backed. best of luck!

  • Brennan,

    Thank you for your support! It was my own crashes & losses that inspired me to build this. "Been there. Done that." No joke.


  • Screamy looks awesome, Kelly.  Nice work.  You've got my Early Bird pledge!

    I lost a QAV250 in some bushes several months ago and never found it.  It had $600 worth of gear on it.  A Screamy would have saved me $600 and lots of time -- well worth the $30 insurance.  Best of luck with the campaign!

  • Thank you WuStangDan!

  • You couldn't have found a smaller shirt to wear? Haha. Seriously though I was extremely impressed by the quality and detail of not only your video but also your kickstarted page. I love when people are passionate and actually put a substantial effort into these types of things. 


  • Thank you very much!

  • Developer

    I backed your project for 2 Screamies by the way, best of luck!

  • Randy,

    This is quite a good fit. In the requirements link, you mention the need to pull down the relay pin to enable the buzzer. That is how I coded Screamy to trigger on the GPIO pin. You will be able to wire it directly to the PixHawk, as the GPIO pin is driving the microcontroller and not the buzzer.

    Some of the requirements listed by squilter are already implemented in Screamy. Some are better implemented in ArduPilot, like the geo fence and autoland.



  • Developer


    Someone from Norway brought up the need a few days ago for a "siren" to go off when the vehicle enters a failsafe so that people below can get out of the way.  It's a legal requirement apparently.

    Perhaps we can integrate your Screamer into ArduCopter to meet that requirements as well.

  • Great work! thanks for the info. Wish you good luck!

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