Sebastian Thrun, most well know for the Google Car and his recent online AI class at Stanford, is branching out with a new startup focussing on online education.

He will be teaching a free 7-week class "Programming a Robotic Car" starting on February 20.


There's no direct link to the class, but has a click-through at the top of the page.  The other class currently on the site is "Building a Search Engine".

The Syllabus:

Description: This class, taught by one of the foremost experts in AI, will teach you basic methods in Artificial Intelligence, including: probabilistic inference, computer vision, machine learning, and planning, all with a focus on robotics. Extensive programming examples and assignments will apply these methods in the context of building self-driving cars. You will get a chance to visit, via video, the leading research labs in the field, and meet the scientists and engineers who are building self-driving cars at Stanford and Google.

Prerequisites: The instructor will assume solid knowledge of programming, all programming will be in Python. Knowledge of probability and linear algebra will be helpful.

Week 1: Basics of probability
Car localization with particle filters
Week 2: Gaussians and continuous probability
Tracking other cars with Kalman filters
Week 3: Image Processing and Machine Learning
Finding objects in sensor data
Week 4: Planning and search
Determining where to drive with A* search 
Finding optimal routes with dynamic programming
Week 5: Controls
Controlling steering and speeds with PID
Week 6: Putting it all together
Programming a self-driving car
Week 7: Final Exam
Exam testing your knowledge


Professor Departs Stanford U., Hoping to Teach 500,000 Students at Online Start-Up

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  • I took the Intro to AI class last quarter.  The main format they used was a camera pointing straight down onto a sheet of paper on a desk while the instructor wrote and explained what he was doing.  Then they had a way to turn bulletpoints into multiple choice questions for you to answer.  Sometimes there were also pictures or video clips, etc.  It was nice to pause or go back whenever you wanted.  It works.  I will be signing up for more. 



  • This is awesome, can we convince him to run a course on programming autopilots/uav's please. Any of his students on diydrones ( I would have thought a few among 20k registered users :) )
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