VRBrain 5.0 Light
The entry level revision of our new board . It's real DIY , cheap and affordable as 8 bit platform with the power of next gen autopilot technology , and a lot of great improvment . Keep in touch for more info ..
It support APM Copter, APM Plane and Rover in last revision.


VRBrain 5.0 NuttX O.S.
After 4 revisions of boards without full support for a Operating systems it's the time to fully support NuttX O.S. on VRBrain , ew features that are coming.


VRBrain 5.0 PRO
In Europe there are some country start to certify UAV technology for Commercial application , In USA in 2015 the market will be open . VRBrain 5.0 Pro it will be right platform for H2020 research project , Virtual Robotix will be technical support for develop affordable and powerfull UAV technology. Can Bus , Fault tolerant solutions , Advanced hybrid configuration ... a lot of impressive new opportunity to develop the UAV of your dreams.

These picture take yesterday in VRLAB the first RC1 VRBrain 5.0 is ready and under test ...

on our repo appear first release of code for the last revision of VRBrain Board ...

For more info about new product or H2020 research project send a mail to

original blog post :


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  • Any news ?

  • roberto:

    could you give us more info about the price for lite version?

    thanks for all

  • MR60

    Nice to see some European initiative; I can't imagine how fast this UAV world would progress if we had the kind of money they get from investors in the US.

  • yes i agree the plastic case is ugly ;) (personnally i prefer to have only the board without this case and pay a little less my vrbrain)

    i would like to buy the new generation of processor for arducopter so i am very interessing by this new board

    i only hope that the price is little lower because i have too many fc :(

  • The old plastic case like iMac for VRBrain shows less professional look. The notorious DF13 connectors is marketing tool that you hesitate use Pixhawk to another project, once all connectors on your craft. The casing with reliable connectors will help for R&D market.

  • Moderator


    here an example of a european research project where use VRBrain 4.5 start 1 year ago this is the result :

    When is possible we try to support this kind of project , we have a lot of example as this ,  some are secret now , and other not :) We support in custom hardware design and firmware development and customization .



  • if i should buy a board it shouldn t be a 3dr but vrbrain it s safer for europeen users and support are far better from roberto and for most of us it s important

    3dr is good for american customers

    do you have an idea about the price(yes it s important to know...i hope it will be little lower than 4.5)

  • I think your hardware will make a good foundation for a great variety of open source/vehicle projects. Maybe bundled up with some shielded casing?

  • Moderator


    3DR have a lot of money available and a great marketing machine , Chris doing a great JOB ,sure !!! We try to collect money here in europe from research project , private investor ,  and from the market ... is not simple but we try ...

    The important thing is to believe in your dreams :)  

    The advantages to have a SD card is that your system is more flexible  with a good operating systems and a standard file systems. The disadvantage is that could be less affordable infact in last revision of code for Pixhawke Tridge decide to move  the parameter from SD Card  to internal EEPROM .

    In VRBrain we have a lot of redundancy .... 2 EEPROM 1 SPI an 1 I2C every IMU have its EEPROM on it so is possible to store the imu parameter on it. Then we have a Dataflash as APM 2.x and SD Card slot so our developer can choose what's better for his application :)

  • Moderator

    @Angelo ,

    sure in the picture the SD is not fixed , in the final solution will be soldered so don't move. And all the board is inside the enclosure. The Second internal imu will be fixed with a special mechanic  anti vibration  solution.

    So it don't move and don't recive the vibration from frame.

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