VRBrain 5.0 Light
The entry level revision of our new board . It's real DIY , cheap and affordable as 8 bit platform with the power of next gen autopilot technology , and a lot of great improvment . Keep in touch for more info ..
It support APM Copter, APM Plane and Rover in last revision.


VRBrain 5.0 NuttX O.S.
After 4 revisions of boards without full support for a Operating systems it's the time to fully support NuttX O.S. on VRBrain , ew features that are coming.


VRBrain 5.0 PRO
In Europe there are some country start to certify UAV technology for Commercial application , In USA in 2015 the market will be open . VRBrain 5.0 Pro it will be right platform for H2020 research project , Virtual Robotix will be technical support for develop affordable and powerfull UAV technology. Can Bus , Fault tolerant solutions , Advanced hybrid configuration ... a lot of impressive new opportunity to develop the UAV of your dreams.

These picture take yesterday in VRLAB the first RC1 VRBrain 5.0 is ready and under test ...

on our repo appear first release of code for the last revision of VRBrain Board ...

For more info about new product or H2020 research project send a mail to

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  • Looks thought through. Technically it will be better (the decoupled IMU alone is probably a year ahead) I am sure but PIXHAWK has the 3DR marketing machine behind it - so no chance to rival the hype with better hardware.

    BTW: What is the big advantage in having those SD cards anyway? Wouldn't be a big EEPROM - (or maybe 2 for redundancy) better?

  • Just my two cents :-)  :  SD socket pcb is only tightened by its connector ???? Not sure it will stay in place when board is used in a rover.

    Same remark for the small additional sensor board.


  • great news roberto

    could you have an idea about the price?it will be great if it was lower than actual vrbrain

  • Moderator

    Hi Wojciech,

    basically the VRBRain 5.0 is an VRBrain 4.5 with some upgrades . The VRBrain 4.5 is an excellent platform with more of 3 years of development.

    Our revision of  firmware work very well on our platform are affordable and we don't have any kind of bug , recheck all the new code and optimize the driver . It's the first 32 bit platform available for APM platform so we have a lot of experience on driver optimization and we are very happy of last revision of code 3.2.

    Why choose to work VRBrain instead of Pixhawke or APM 2.6 ? 

    Because Our dev Team "Think different" :) 

    When there was only Arduino ... we decided that Arduino for us was not enough and release first revision of MP32 and then VRBrain , after 2 years all the new platform use STM32F4 as our boards. 

    Now we think that :

    - Small drone is better of big one for learn.

    - Simple is better respect of complex solution. 

    - Scalable solution could support better our customers.

    - Support a lot of expansion with different kind of sensor available .

    - Support BT and WIFI module for full integration in IP networks.

    - O.S. and Plug and Play architecture could be good option for pro design.

    - A network of Research Center in Europe that use our technology and join FP7 or new H2020 EC R&D Projects.

    - Professional support for commercial drone is mandatory at this time .

    We hope that our original approach could help community to invent new solution ;)

    We are not working only on electronics , also on special frame configuration that i'll present in the next blog post .

    The price is not so important if you are a hardcore developer or interesting project in your mind  could have our platform gratis and have some help from our dev team that support your work;)



  • I guess the real question is what sort of sensor suite/performance will it provide at what sort of cost...
    Any projections about the pricing ? Will it be lower than the original VR Brain (150)?

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