Seeduino boards

I bought few of these about a month back. They are much lighter than the normal Arduino board due to the use of the small USB 2.0 header and surface mount chips. I'll weight both and post, but if you are looking to build a mikroquad, or anything where weight is an issue and you don't happen to be using the ArduPilot (which is already really optimized for size!) this is a good alternative. Oh, did I mention it adds two ADC pins to the normal arduino configuration? Really nice if you want to add a barometric altimeter to your mikroquad! Now I just need to find a shield that supports the extra pins.
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  • Seeduino - 17.5 gr , approx 5/8oz

    Arduino Diecimila - 30g, approx 1oz

    Basic Stamp BS2 - 1gr
  • The mikroquad design uses the protoshield to mount the gyro/accel board, that's why I'm interesting in using it. I'd be interesting in getting the weight of all 4 boards and putting them up here for folks. I don't know why the dimensions don't include this, but we can just post it here.
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    The Arduino Nano is much more functional (built-in FTDI) and not much bigger. It's a lovely board, and my current breadboard fave.
    Arduino Nano
    What is Arduino? Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended…
  • The seedouino is nice, but if you are really looking to go small/light, the arduino mini pro is the way to go.
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