Seek CompactXR: Inexpensive Longer Range Thermal Camera


I recently came across this new camera from Seek Thermal, which is the extended range version of their previous low cost system. The manufacturer claims a range of 1800 feet, which makes it interesting (in my mind) for search and rescue applications. I had previously considered the original version from Seek, but with a range that was significantly limited, I doubted any practical usefulness. For standard ground operations, the use of a cellphone would be practical, but for aerial operations, I would be interested in a smaller Android based setup that could stream video. A board computer called UDOO may be an option, though I would have to investigate further. If anyone has familiarity with either of these products, feel free to chime in with your thoughts. Here is a video by Youtube user PhantomGuyTS (I have no connection with this person) showing the original Seek Camera mounted on a UAS as a proof of concept. 

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  • @Fnoop,  That's unfortunate. If they had and SDK i'd buy two.

  • I've got the XR, it would be next to useless on a UAV.   It's manual focus for a start, the resolution isn't good enough, the range claim is absolute total bollocks unless you're trying to look at a coal-fired power station - a couple of hundred feet tops is more realistic.  I actually quite like the product and the price it's put out at, but I feel deceived and cheated because they promised an SDK from the start and then never released it (and pretty clear they never will).  So lots of people who bought these hoping to actually do something cool with them have them gathering dust in a draw.  Don't bother, unfortunately.

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