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  • @ Mark Lanning  Good Points! It could be the snow that threw me off  I watched the video again and it just seemed like a picture of the ground . You are right  as a survey it would show you what is happening right there right now.

    I use Google maps all the time  for traveling  or Google earth to look at palace before I go there works Great!

    The $20,000 seems a bit much? Have a Great Day!

  • O_o where did he get laptop from? =) LOL

  • O_o where did he get laptop from? =) LOL

  • Carl.. Yeah because nothing says current like a satellite image from possibly two years ago.. At the earliest a few months.. Off season.. Etc. hard to do vegitation stress analysis from google.. Or accident reconstruction.. Or his or Dem or any other sort of accurate survey
  • If you want a map  Google Earth! it's free you can look any where 

  • 100KM

    A lot had been discuss about the cost of ready made UAV. In the eyes of  someone like us, the DIY guy, those price look astronomical. True, what Sensefly can do, we can do it with a fraction of cost. at least my Skywalker equip with APM2, CHDK modify Canon S100 can do it.

    But I think product like Sensefly is develop for average user, who don't know much about RC but need a system that just work for their purpose. For them, a few flight may break even their investment and subsequent flight may generate handsome profit. It all come down to what is the value of the product they produce.

    We always just take the selling price of the individual component, such as plane kit, motor, esc, apm ect add up and assume that is the price of a UAV. But consider the amount of time and cost we learn to fly RC, building a plane, learn to use APM and mission planner, help from fellow RCer and other, if all this translate to cents and dollar, we may able to realize the final product is not just adding up the price tag of individual items. 

  • True.. that is the down side of just selling products.. you have a lot of effort going into R&D, manufacturing and such.. which if you have few customers then you have to pass those costs onto the customer more than a larger volumne producer.

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    It looks like my X5 which I don't remember costing 20000$ even with APM, Camera and case.

    It's a well made product that works well and they sell plenty !! I still think that shaking to start the motor frightens the _ _ _ _ out of me. When I want my appendix out I dont want to do it at the flying field !!

    A lot of the cost is in the development and like me, they want to make some profit, its not just foam and electronics costs.




  • $20K?  Where is all the costs coming from.. seems like a flying wing with a decent point and shoot camera.. thats not the APM software I am familar with but has a similar functionality.   So where is the expense coming from?

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