September is Drone Community Service Month


Community service is a core value of the Drone User Group Network, and we are excited to announce that September will be our first “drone community service month.” We are challenging our groups and members to start projects in September where they use their drones for good. We would also like to encourage those of you on this site who feel your skills and equipment are ready to come up with your own projects like helping a charity organization film an event from the sky, help a local school inspect their facilities, help a park map their natural resources, teach kids about UAVs to encourage them in STEM disciplines, or develop your own completely new ideas.

And once you have completed your awesome project, post about your activities on DIY Drones to let everyone know what you have done. Let’s work together to show the world the potential for this technology to improve people’s lives. We know that some projects may take more than a month to complete, so get your projects started in September and we look forward to reporting out on what we have accomplished over the coming few months. Of course, stay safe and legal as you do this so we can make sure we are telling positive stories and not responding to reports of anyone getting hurt or arrested. The Drone User Group Network is excited to report out on the projects that we have already started, and look forward to reading about the projects that others initiate.




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  • I am new to this forum but have been involved with RC models for many many years. I am currently working on a Kickstarter campaign to promote RC technologies, aircraft design and autonomous flight in the classroom. It is synchronous that I found this article about doing good with drones in the month of September. We just started a Kickstarter campaign and our goal is to integrate this technology into the national science standards for junior and senior high schools across the country and to promote the goodness and wholesomeness of not only this hobby but of this industry.

    I live near Deer Trail, it's about an hour from my house. I think it is very important that we educate people about the good of this hobby and industry. I think a good place to start is in our schools.

    Although our project is not as sexy as a lot of the work that's been done on this forum, we would ask that you take a look at our campaign and help spread the word.

    Check it out here
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