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  • BTW Andrew that video was hilarious. Thanks for posting!

  • In Australia they insulted the New Zealanders by calling them Kiwis. I been all around Australia, it was the worst in Sydney. Just thought it might have changed. 

  • @Jake Not heard of that one. Maybe it's different in military circles.


    Calling a Kiwi an Aussie is a different story perhaps ;-)

  • @Andrew Back when I was in the Navy the easiest way to get into a bar fight was to call a New Zealander a Kiwi. Is it still like that?

  • Developer
    @andrew: hope that comes in a RTF model, neurosurgery is a bit beyond my skills

    ... And you cannot beat the ergonomics of a box folded r/c controller. Those 90 deg angles sit precisely in your hand without fear of slipping! ;-)
  • Kiwis have been applying this tech for years:

  • Chalk another one up for the H-copter!

  • cool :)

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