Shenzhen Hobby EXPO 2013

Shenzhen Model EXPO 2013 gates

China Hobby EXPO is growing. Normally they have Hobby EXPO in Beijing and Shanghai, this year there were new Hobby EXPO started at Shenzhen where most of electronics comes for whole world.

As this year we were too busy to visit Beijing expo, jDrones only visited Shenzhen EXPO to check out latest happenings.

Overall view of EXPO 2013

Shenzhen Hobby EXPO was a lot smaller than normal Hobby EXPOs at Beijing. There were around 60 companies presenting their products. A lot of RC toy helicopters/cars/planes, servos and all other material for RC hobby needs.

Compared to last year Beijing EXPO that jDrones went, this expo did not have so much multicopters. There were several companies selling those.

Zero Tech Quad

Zero Tech had most advanced systems and also biggest booth. Their copters looks similar to DJI but are not. Autopilots that they seem to use is either Feijy or their own creations.

Zero Tech Octo with Brushless gimbal

One of their Monster OCTO copters. It had camera gimbal really similar to ZenMUSE. Also they had 2 GPS installed on their system, why?? They say that it is for redundancy.

Airplanes at EXPO

Some really nice looking airplanes. Finish of planes is getting better and better on China factories.



We also met John from Asia Tech Drones who makes those really nice looking Cyclops UAV airplane frames. Their composite plane looks really good. We already started to plan deeper Co-Working between ATC and jDrones so stay tuned for that. And I hope to get my hands on those planes as soon as possible.

Camo CF sheets

A lot of new Carbon Fiber products has emerged in last 1 year. On 2012 there were only few companies providing CF products but now more and more are coming. Also some really interesting color choices are available like these CAMO CF sheets on the shelfs.

Jani and CAMO Girls

And when selling good looking CAMO/CF materials... Girls are also pretty and they insisted to have picture with handsome western man :)

Let's see what they have to offer on next EXPO. Till then.. fly hard and be safe

Jani / jDrones



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  • Asia Tech Drone does look very nice.

  • Developer

    @Robert, yeah it look s abit like that. Same guys behind those designs I think. But Techpod is mostly foam plane, Cyclops you have both in foam and composite. There is big post about it on RCGroups about it

    @dany, nope not this year. Shenzhen EXPO was now made first time and it was just 3 weeks after Shanghai EXPO so many companies were still recovering from earlier expo... I actually don't know why they put it so close to Shanghai expo

  • Distributor

    Jani the giant man! :) 

    no dancing robots this year?   (sad)  

  • Developer

    Jack maybe not but from there are coming a lot of products used in all our devices. Without Shenzhen and it's close areas there would not be any flying multicopters etc as basically 95% of the motors we use every day are made there. Same goes for electronics in generally. They don't need funding as you, me and rest of us are funding them traditional ways which is by buying end products that jDrones, 3DRobotics and others are making. 

  • Don't think any Shenzen hobby factory got $30 million in series B funding.

This reply was deleted.