Should consider factors when selecting drone frame


Whenever you are looking for racing drone frame, there are the main factor you should always consider when choosing drone frame.

X or H type

Size: This most important factor to consider before deciding to choose the best racing drone frame is the size of the arm. The size of the arm will guide and help to determine which kind of the props can be used without any effect. The prop restriction varies from one min quad to another one. Therefore you should always need to check the quadcopter before agreeing to buy.

There are basic rules of thumb that may help you understand below they include:
The arms under 200m. This arms can only be able to support props that are no longer than 4''.
The arms that are 200mm to 21 in length are capable of supporting props that are no bigger than 5''.
The arms which are 225mm to about 250mm long can make a support of 6'' props.

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