In my previous post I described how to show APM telemetry data on Hitec Auroras screen. The code has now been updated to support APM2 board, though APM1 is also supported. New firmware also adds support for GPS coordinates. Only thing still not supported is GPS date and time since APM internal date format is yet to be decided.

More info here: http://antibore.wordpress.com/2012/05/10/showing-apm-telemetry-data-on-hitec-auroras-screen-revisited/

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  • @Janne,  My apologies for hijacking this thread but I thought it important for hitec users.  Nice work on the A9 telemetry data.

  • Updates are available here:


    I have had problems when running V2.00.  I can't say that the failures I had are definitely caused by the hitec receiver. I had three failures on two aircraft.  One aircraft does not have autopilot and the other did not have the failsafe setup correctly.

    I contacted Hitec directly on this issue.  The word is that V2.02 has greatly reduced the number of radio lockouts.  If there is a failure, reboot now takes 0.5s instead of 10+ seconds.

    I have learned my lesson.  I will be double checking failsafes and installing the autopilot on everything I fly.

  • @Matthew Do you know what versions are affected or what version is safe?

  • Warning to all Hitec A9 radio users.  There is a serious issue with older receiver firmware.  The receiver has an intolerance to heavy interference resulting in long lockout periods (and crashed aircraft!).  Make sure you do a receiver firmware update before flying.

  • I've liked this radio quite much. It can't beat Turnigy and others in price, but it's very cheap compared to Futaba and JR products. It feels very solid and quality product and has very good features in it's price class.

    Now if we could only have good open source radio, or some proprietary radio with plugin support!

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    I was thinking about picking up one of these radios and you might just have swung it!

    Very cool.

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