SidePilot, iOS Arudcopter GCS - Version 1.30 - Generic BLE support!

This is SidePilot's biggest release yet, with the highlight for the DIY community being generic BLE module support (HM-10, etc)!

Now, using a cheap bluetooth 4.0 module, you can connect and control your Arducopter (Basic PX4 support) drone with your iOS device!

What doe this update include:


  • Panorama Mode - Take a set number of photos while yaw'ing. Currently does not trigger if not using Solo, will come in a future update
  • Return to Me - Returns to your iOS devices GPS location
  • Mission distances - Get a running and total of your missions flight distance.
  • Generic BLE module support! - You can now use modules such as the HM-10 with SidePilot!


  • YouTube and Custom RTMP live streaming
  • Solo visual tracking follow me - Still in alpha but seems to work okay.
  • Battery information (Cell voltages, current etc)
  • Solo settings - WiFi SSID, password and power
  • Button assignments - Change which button does what. A& B only for stock users, all buttons for OpenSolo users.
  • LED control - Change each LED color, strobe, speed etc and save it for each flight.
  • Light show - Sync LED's to either current microphone noise or to a prerecorded song using Vixen software (see user manual)


  • GPS Location of drone
  • Set, edit and delete waypoints offline & when connected. Import and export waypoint sets to share with devices, or edit using a text editor.
  • Arm/Disarm
  • Display VFR information such as altitude, yaw, pitch and roll.
  • Voice alerts for mode changes and other important information
  • Edit, save and load entire parameter sets
  • Perform Pre-Flight checklist
  • GPS satellite count and HDOP
  • Distance from home/device
  • Battery voltage display and warnings
  • Calibration of battery monitor, accelerometer, compass and radio limits
  • Performance setting sliders. Allows for quick tuning of the drones performance
  • Live stream direct to Facebook or YouTube from Solo
  • View advanced status's about your drone such as IMU, vibration, RC input and output, etc
  • Download Dataflash logs from your drone and export via email to view on PC
  • Follow Me - Use your devices GPS to follow you at a set distance/altitude
  • Orbit mode - Circle an object for a fantastic cinematic shots!
  • Pre-Flight checklist current weather (wind & temp)information and alerts based on your location
  • Grid Waypoints - Create a survey grid to fly
  • Tap to fly to point - Tap a location and your drone will fly there!
  • And many more

Quick-start guide (Using the BLE Repeater):

1. Insert radio into BLE Repeater (Purchase from or DIY)
2. Turn on drone and BLE Repeater
3. Start app and click the connect button on the top right. If the app does not connect to the BLE Repeater, ensure your bluetooth is turned on, and that the BLE Repeater is enabled under settings/BLE Configuration.
4. The app should begin receiving data from the drone. If it does not, please ensure the radios are connected correctly and that the baud rate is set correctly in the BLE configuration under settings/BLE Configuration.
5. For any other issues, please post on the forum at

Quick-start guide (Using a WiFi UDP connection):

1. Turn on drone and connect using wifi
2. Start app and navigate to settings. Select either WiFi UDP, TCP or 3DR Solo (if using a 3DR Solo)
3. If setting up wifi manually, click on WiFi Settings and input the correct ip address and port that the mavlink protocol is running over. (Usually listed in settings as the router IP, and a port of 14550)
4. Go back to the main screen and press the connect button on the top right. The app should begin displaying information about the drone. If not, double check your wifi settings.
5. For any other issues, please post on the forum at

Please post suggestions and bug reports on the forums at

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