Here is the latest iteration if Silkopter in simulator action. Progress has been slow especially on the hardware side. Getting sensors working at 1Khz and realtime 720p video streamed at 30FPS on the raspberry pi 1 was a bit of a challenge that ended up with a spectacular crash (no video though). 

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  • @MikhailAvkhimenia thanks a lot. I will add more videos very soon detailing low pass filters, complimentary and kalman filters, alt hold etc. Soon I hope I'll add a video with the quad flying as well.

    All the code is open source on github for everyone to check out. If someone is interested in technical details, I put most of the info on my blog.

    In any case, Navio+ really made everything way simpler - thanks to you and Emlid :)

  • @JeanLeFlambeur, this is really great! Silkocopter could make a good tool for education.

  • More details here:

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