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While I am trying to decide on several dual axis camera mount options for the GoPro HD Hero2 and other cameras, I have come up with a very simple direct mount for the GoPro.  Whilst not ideal, it has allowed me to enjoy the camera and capture a few flights with my medium lift arducopter quad.  If you have not spotted it already I have used the reinforced light plastic display base that the camera is sitting on when it comes from GoPro boxed up.  In fact the the camera properly clips into the base and the only modification I made was to put a small square of electrical tape on the base of the camera mount where it slides in to stop it rattling in flight.

I drilled two holes which match one side of the Jdrones battery mount and two others that match the centre frame; which can be seen in the next photo.




Given the great flight stability from the current arducopter code you can operate in either X or + mode, but the camera does sit in nicely forward for X frame setups.  At the moment I am still flying with the + alignment and the camera hangs to one side which gives nice side on flyby footage. Since I am well below the maximum payload lift at the moment, the motors compensate easily for the slightly offset camera weight.  The next photo of my quad makes this a little clearer in terms of the camera mount position. You can see the black tape on the forward pointing motor arm.




Here is is youtube video I shot over the weekend at our local (Namagi) Heli flying field.  I ended up being surrounded by cows who unexpectedly moved towards me and seemed to be very interested in the Arducopter quad.  Perhaps some potential new multi-copter customers :-)  Sorry I could not resist adding a partial  audio track to the video. At the end of the video it looks like I am flying but actually I am carrying the copter towards the cow.  Enjoy


Below I have added one more photo showing the arducopter battery mounted in the normal position.  This is not really offsetting the camera weight but my quad is flying nice and level with no obvious issues.  The ideal setup would be to rotate the battery mount so the battery is offset and inline with the camera mount over the CG.  I will be changing to this setup shortly.  To be honest I just wanted to test the camera out and have a secure mount.  I will now refine the mount so it looks a little better and balances the flying platform.


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  • Thank you for the great feedback.  Firstly on the battery CG question I am mounting the battery on the standard arducopter battery mount directly behind the GoPro square plastic mount plate. I will add another photo to the blog post.  I tried to move the battery a little further back to offset the camera.   Since the camera is not that heavy and I use larger motors and props to eventually carry a larger camera I did not really focus on balancing that much.  It still flies nice and stable and has not impacted the battery life.  I still get 10 minutes out of the Hyperion 2500 3S (45C) pack I am using. 

    I must admit I was surprised at the lack of video jello since I expected a little vibration translation.  I really like how simply I can attach the camera and adjust the angle.  I still plan to have a dual axis mount but for now a can use the camera and try a few things out.  Also I do sit the battery on top of the end of the mount so this as suggested might be absorbing some vibration.

    In X mode I plan to rotate the battery mount and then this way I can offset the camera.  Jdrones make an extended battery mount as well.  I have not ordered this but you could easily cut something similar.

  • Nice job! Thank you for sharing.

    I wonder if Ghost Riders In The Sky ever thought of the perils of cow pastures?

    Landing in a 'pile' takes on an entirely different meaning in this case.

  • I like this position for the goPro, as i have it slung under too but on a platform between the legs. So following your example it would be better for me as it will then keep the weight at the top and not under slung. What i did to get rid of my jello was to mount the battery on the same bracket as the goPro as it helps in absorbing the vibration, so on yours i suggest you mount the baterry on top of the black bracket you made. This might upset the CG but it might be worth trying to see if it works , then move it around to centeralise the CG.

  • Looks similar to my test build HERE  I'm suprised 3DR hasn't come out with a bracket like the sonar bracket for a GoPro.  Where are you mounting your battery to offset the weight?

  • Wow, surprisingly not too much Jello.

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