3689543184?profile=originalThe Sky Drone FPV system is a fully digital long range and low latency video transfer system for DIY drones and remote controlled vehicles. Sky Drone FPV utilizes 3G & 4G/LTE networks and automatically adapts the video transmission frame by frame to bandwidth availability, ensuring minimal latency in data transmission. The data transfer between hardware and the groundstation app is AES-256 encrypted, so even the NSA can't hack into your video feeds. Telemetry data from a connected 3D Robotics APM board that is transmitted via MAVLink can be plotted on the live FPV video stream as a Head Up Display (HUD).

Complete with a groundstation application for iOS, Android and BlackBerry pilots receive real-time full HD FPV video straight on his or her smartphone or tablet. A unique feature of the Sky Drone FPV is the option to take 5 megapixel high quality still images during flight. The images are instantly transmitted to the app while the video keeps running.

Sky Drone FPV is currently running an Indiegogo Campaign to raise money to complete the last stages of the Sky Drone FPV development and take it into production. In exchange for your financial support, Sky Drone has some amazing offers. Early Birds who pledge just $ 349 USD receive are the first to receive the full Sky Drone FPV set. This offer is limited to just 99 sets. Head over the Sky Drone Indiegogo Campaign page to get more details as well as a demo video of the Sky Drone FPV.

For more information, please head over to our Indiegogo campaign: http://skydrone.aero/fpv-indiegogo
We invite you to share your comments and questions either on this blog/forum or via email to info@skydrone.aero.

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  • Now it is October. Nothing happened. And I cannot find SkyDrone on the list of exhibitors at the fair mentioned above. If you are definitely still there then you definitely are not somebody to do business with.

  • We are definitively still here. We admittedly did have several delays but are getting ahead now and will ship in June. Please note that all customers who pre-ordered but did not want to wait got a full refund. For more information please contact us via email or visit us. We will be at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (13-16 April at booth 5F-G27).

  • I agree with Aaron, even tho most likely there's nothing we can do to SkyDrone.

    But I think it would be good to either remove this post or even better, add some kind of "possible scam" notification on the beginning of the post. This post and the comments make the project more believable, which might fool people. ATM it looks like they have originally promised it already over a year ago. For me they promised it for last December, then for this month, and they still ain't ready. So this project sounds really fishy. On the other hand, if they really have the product and are just being slow, there could be some kind of "product not ready and might take years to complete" warning.

  • Is there a way we can get SkyDrone to stop lying on their website about you know, having a product that will ship with a "1-2 month" "lead time"? Or, for that matter, about having a product at all?

  • Any update on Skydrone? 

  • Hi,

    We'd like to give you an update on the latest developments of our Sky Drone FPV project.

    As some of you may have noticed, we had some delays on getting the first Sky Drone FPV units out.

    We made some improvements on the hardware side, for example instead of 3d-printing the Sky Drone FPV case, we switched to a professional molded case for better structural integrity, faster production process and of course better looks (see below).

    By now, all hardware components for our first batch have arrived and are being assembled as we speak. Due to some slight hardware changes we still have to do adjustments on our version 1.0 firmware before it can be shipped. We expect to ship the pre-orders this June.

    For all Oculus Rift Enthusiasts: after Oculus announced the new Dev Kit 2, we immediately ordered one and will make sure Sky Drone FPV will support the new High Resolution version immediately.

    For those of you who wanted to watch The Pearl Report “Eye in The Sky” in which Sky Drone FPV appears, but could not watch it online due to territorial restrictions – it is now available on YouTube: http://youtu.be/MTr-hsYbw10?t=7m54s

    Best Regards,

    The Sky Drone Team3701738052?profile=original


  • Hi James, the initial product will work on cellular networks only and it will not be possible to plug in another device for network access. We might add other connectivity options in a future product though.

  • Hello,

    Sorry for the bump...

    I'm considering buying a unit; maybe even a bulk amount of units. I wanted to know if it'd be possible to implement WIFI or another way to connect to the internet then cell networks. How does the product communicate with the dongle? Would it be possible to plug another device that provides internet into it? Also would it be possible to set this up on a local area network?

    This is because in a lot of rural areas in the UK the cell network infrastructure isn't that good. I have seen other high gain WIFI antennas get ranges of up to 2 km in drone applications.

  • There is a little more than 1 day left in our campaign and we would like point out again that we are 100% committed to our technology.

    With only 1 day left in our campaign, there is also only 1 day left to secure the Early Bird price for a Sky Drone FPV set.

    Sky Drone FPV campaign: http://www.skydrone.aero/fpv-indiegogo

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