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I was sorry to see that the SkyDrone long-range FPV radio project didn't make their $80,000 Indiegogo target (they just got to $30,000), but encouraged to hear from the team that they're going to continue with the product anyway and are sticking to their end-2013 target. This could be an excellent solution to bringing high-def video and two-way telemetry to mobile devices without additional ground hardware. 

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  • I would still be very happy with low quality SD as long as I could use it as a reference point to see where my airplane gimbal is pointing

  • I believe they failed because the promise HD and what they show is shitty SD.

  • sorry for tripple post but just to put what I've just said into perspective... beagle bone black is $45, camera module is $25-35, 4g modem $30-50... all in all about $100 - $130 in hardware. Probably less than that since they can buy in bulk and get better prices. So what happens to 100$ - 150$ left out of $350 they ask for it?

  • I mean seriously 80 000 ?!?I Might as well buy my own beaglebone black, camera module for it and add a 3g modem. If they designed a custom board that acts both as the autopilot and handles FPV it'd kind of make sense, but this is just rip off and highway robbery

  • uhmm not to be a d##k but I've seen their setup and I kind of know a bit about that.... asking 80 000$ for this is just silly

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