SkyFy Technologies is proud to announce a we have conquered an amazing engineering challenge for drone inspections! We we believe in capturing data without losing quality, so we worked with our partners to develop a new craft and camera combo with increased stability for stabilized 50x optical zoom. The meticulously designed craft offers increased stabilization which allows the zoomed image captured to have increased clarity. We are now able to capture distant data that is typically difficult to obtain at a very high quality.

Our ground breaking inspection technology is now available in for inspection services in Canada under our SFOC.

Further information can be found at SkyFy Technologies

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  • I was going to guess they're using the Sony Cameras with BOSS technology.  I've seen people using them with brushless gimbals, being able to use the Zoom, about 2 years ago.

  • Developer

    After a quick search there is zero information on this. Inducing what is available on their site - http://www.skyfy.ca/

    But judging from a single picture available on their front page, it looks to be a vanilla octocopter with a DSLR class brushless gimbal, and a camcorder. The trick is using the camcorder (probably the latest Panasonic models with 50x optical) so that you then get further electrical sensor and optical stabilization built into the camera making the stable 50x claim possible.


  • Google?

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    Any link for further info?
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