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I've been flying the new Skyhunter made by FPV Model with the APM on board. I figured I'd share the param file since I didn't see it listed in the repository.. I've had many comments that the Skyhunter looks like it's 'hunting' when the APM is in full autonomous mode. I'd love to see what other tweaks the community can do to the parameters and the plane! 


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  • When I was flying the Skyhunter I was landing both Manual/FBW and Auto. Lately with all the Auto stuff I've been doing with other airframes I try to fly every 10th flight in manual mode. I don't want to lose my piloting skills and rely on the APM 100% of the time for everything. 

  • Scott,

    Thx for your feedback ! Do you auto-land or in manual ?

  • Hi Scott
    I had a X8 was perfect for me but during some testing something happened that so far can not explain and he'll go away ..... now seek an aircraft to aerial photos, it looks like you already tested several, what you recommend?
    and about the Skyhunter, encountered problems to tune using the new firmware? got mine a few months, but was in the garage, now I've lost my X8, I try to use with APM but do not know where to start...


  • I switched over to the Phantom flying wing and X7 when the 2.74 firmware came out. Many of those other parameters I didn't get to tune on the Skyhunter. Now that I have the Talon and possibly the TechPod in my inventory, the Skyhunter hangs in the garage. 

  • Hi Scott,

    I intend to use your posted settings on my Sky Hunter APM 2.5 setup. Anything I should be aware of since that posting? Or additional settings to be concerned with?  how to use these parameters equivalent to 2.76?






  • I just told the APM no Rudder / Elevator mixing and then ignored the Yaw PIDS when tuning.

  • Scott,

    Quick question on your APM setup for the skyhunter.  How did you configure the APM for no rudder?



  • The one that I'm eying right now is the Talon. Especially after watching the flight performance when Joe @3dR was flying his at the field. I've flown a bunch of planes and it really depends on what your overall mission will be. I've been looking at the Skywalker CF version for a RoG platform. Craig @3dR was flying one and it looks pretty well designed.. Here's my breakdown and experience so far. 

    • SW V2 1680: Workhorse, great drone and FPV plane. Premade P&T pods for FPV. 
    • HK Phantom Wing: Awesome basher drone. Can turn on a dime! Gets weighed down fast. Hard to mount a P&T system.
    • X7: Great FPV flying wing and drone. Newer airframe (X8 replacement?). Can make a pod for P&T.
    • X8: More of a drone. Plenty of room for payload and then some. Not so good for P&T camera mounting. 
    • SH: Great for FPV flying and plenty of cargo space. However very fragile around the booms if you hard crash. Can make a pod for P&T.
  • 100KM

    Thanks, Scott for the response and videos.  It looked nice and stable, but boy was it moving faster than my SW with flaps on.  I guess that shouldn't be a surprise, but by comparison, the SW practically floated in with 3S10000mAh.

    So would you recommend the SH as a drone?  My other choice is a CF boom SW1880.  They're about the same price right now.

  • The Skyhunter flies well as an autonomous drone. The lack of a rudder isn't a big issue even with landing in cross winds. This is one of the first auto landings I performed with the SH. I've since done several others. I just haven't had time to make other videos.

    - and another test -

    Lately I've been busy tuning the X7 or I'd dig out the Skyhunter and fly it. 

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