Slipping trees!

One awesome thing about the APM and FPV is the wind correction check box. When flying through these trees you have about two feet on each wing tip. Usually it's a pretty strong cross wind at the field as well. I've attempted with another stabilization unit, but it's no match..


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  • @Criro1999 - I'm deployed in the field right now and didn't bring a APM board with me this time. When I get back home on Friday I can take a screen shot of the area and the menu it's listed under. 

  • I used Mission Planner for a while but I did not see that checkbox. Could you please help me to locate this checkbox, which menu/tab/location?

  • Yes it's a lone check box in Mission Planner. The difference is allowing the APM the ability to correct for it, or slide all over the place. Sometimes during autonomous flight I'll turn it off.
  • Where is located this " wind correction check box"? Is that on MP?

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