SLUGS AP: Fully Flight Tested and Open Source

So after endless hours in the lab I am happy to report success in all fronts of the autopilot and making the GIT repository publicly available. The project's website has been updated to reflect the new hardware version and all the changes in the software. New videos have been added to our video section showing some air and ground footage.A new blog entry presents some plots of the Autopilot performance when doing waypoint tracking and the address of the GIT repository containing all the project.
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  • Hi SLUGS Team, congratulations. I have been looking at Simulink implementations and the c library provided in your GitHub repository. I also read your dissertation  but I still find some details missing. Aren't you thinking about providing some kind of detailed documentation for the community? I know I am asking for a lot since you already provided everything open source and for free...Will be grateful :)

  • Is this autopilot available as a kit?

  • Great Job, the board looks great. Great news about the IMU temp compensation, but the 500 dollar price on Digikey is steep. Is there support for customizable setups on the IMU?
  • 100KM
    $500 on digikey ouch !!
  • Thanks Wayne. It is much better. On version 1 of SLUGS we were analog gyros, accels and mags. Drift and noise was pretty bad, and the set-reset circuitry of the mags was a royal pain. On this new setup where we have the AD temperature compensated cube then it is way better. And the Honeywell I2C magnetometer that we are using has all the set-reset mechanism internally so it is not only smaller but more convenient. Overall we are quite happy. There is a new AD cube that includes magnetometers. A bit expensive but quite nice.
  • 100KM
    wow looks much improved over the last version ! It looks like you are useing ADs all in one IMU ? read a lot about it when it was being developed . how do you like it and what do you think are the advantages over a more traditional multi-chip imu ?
  • I'm in Palo Alto, just graduated in astrophysics last year.
  • @Michele. Thanks for your comments!

    @Chris. I take you are familiar with campus, are you still @ UCSC? Thanks for the comments.
  • I always thought east field would be a perfect place to fly. Very nice setup.
  • wow, compliment!.. the beautiful system!
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