We are happy to announce you the launch of our Smartplane drone campaign on kickstarter. 


Smartplane is a customizable  drone plane  with Software Development Kit (SDK), and with modular Hardware compartment. You can directly connect 3rd party hardware and start writing applications with SDKs. This enables you to create your own aerial projects and not to worry about the aeronautical and electronics aspects on a drone. Smartplane flies 80 minutes. It can carry your payload up to 300gr when it's simply plugged onto it via USB or Ethernet port.

Numerous drone development activities show the clear interest in the market. However, we saw that most of the attempts fail to achieve an acceptable flight dynamic. Be it flight time or payload, it just didn't make sense to us to have a device that only flies below an hour and even less with the payload. On the other hand, the ones that achieve satisfying flight dynamics were ridiculously expensive. We have engineered and designed Smartplane with performance and cost effectiveness in the center of thought. Be it advanced materials or efficient structures, we are striving for a long endurance and powerful drone –affordable by everyone!

Do you have an aerial project? Develop and fly it on Smartplane! Or just select an existing option from the hardware store.

Naturally each phase of the development, prototyping and manufacturing a drone in serial production, requires a lot of resources. As we constantly look for investors, we have now launched our kickstarter campaign. Looking forward to your support! Please share with those who could be interested…


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  • After comparing the price with the same category planes, I decided to pledge one for my studying, despite the copyright comments. By the last video on kickstarter, it seems that it can stand fairly high wind - it's just what I need for my research, hope I will get the mentioned features - work hard guys and good luck.

  • looks like a loooong way to go to deliver something usable.... just posting a bunch on pictures on Kickstarter and say you will do all that withouth showing actual results makes look your project just like an attempt to fund your hobby. Wish you luck, but backers beware.


    Just be aware that defamation typically occurs when it's not true.  People have stated that it looks like the ebee, and that it could be a copy of it.  What they have said is true, so therefore not defamation.  People raised valid suspicions as one of the persons involved was a former intern at the company that owns the ebee.  It is also bad form to come out swinging the way you did.  The others involved having been responding in a much more appropriate manner.  Maybe you could learn something from them.



  • Thanks Craig!

  • Developer

    @Kaan Thank you!

    I do hope you go with Ardupilot in your final product and I look forward to working with you to make it a success.

  • To everybody that are accusing us for stealing other companies‘ intellectual property, I’d like to remind you that defamation is a crime. Internet forums and chat rooms are also covered by law. Smartplane design got inspired by German Stealth Flying Wing concept. If you replace the jet engines with a propeller by cutting the end tail, you will end up with the same full trailing edge as in Smartplane and eBee too. We acknowledge that both designs do look very similar; however neither did we copy nor got inspired by eBee. On our kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/745804289/smartplane/video_share you can see the bomber trailing edge in the first sketch in the design evolution figure. Anyway, to remain ethical and compliant, we will contact eBee to clarify any legal issues.


    About ArduPilot, we are fan of ArduPilot! We appreciate the great work done and yes we have used it on our prototype; therefore on the video. We haven’t yet decided whether or not to use ArduPilot on the final commercial product. The option to develop our own auto pilot remains open.

    Anyway, because the code is shown on the video, we have corrected our kickstarter page adding that the auto pilot is based on ArduPilot and attached the APM logo too. Once the decision is made, we will update the content accordingly and inform you here on DIYDrones.com.

    Last but not least, thank you very much for your feedbacks. It can only make Smartplane better!


  • Hi Craig, 

    Sorry for the late reply. Yes, we have used the ArduPilot on the prototype (we will update the project page accordingly). Yet, we are clarifying whether it will be also used on the final (commercial) product or not.

    I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your patience and best,


  • Developer

    To Tomi Piriyev, Maksim Pirieyev, Kaan Ozgen

    I have sent a couple of messages to by email but I have not gotten a response from you.

    First off as others have said I am delighted to see you using ArduPilot.  I would like to discuss your obligations under the Open Source licence we have on the code.


  • Developer

    Just so everybody knows the screen shot/ code segment we are talking about, here it is:3702002884?profile=original


    That code screen shot in your  video? That's straight out of arduplane, landing.pde Starting line 212 ...

    You know, you could have said from the beginning that  Smartplane's autopilot is ardupilot, and explained what, if any, you planned to add to it.  And said (at the very least) that the plane design  was heavily inspired by the E-bee ...

This reply was deleted.