3689464007?profile=originalI have written a small Android-Widget to easily have an eye on the current solar activity to be aware of possible GPS-Problems when there is a sun-storm. You can get it on Google-Play for free:



the code is on github:

Enjoy and have a safe flight!




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  • no it will not be available for Apple HW as I do not support such closed and locked down stuff

  • Just downloaded it, thanks very much.
    Will it be available for iExpensive devices sometime? ;-)

  • No - no plans to do it for chrome - in the browser it is easy just to visit the website - they also have embed images for websites http://www.n3kl.org/sun/status.html

    N3KL.ORG: Solar activity monitor
  • Distributor

    plans to make it work on Chrome? 

    Also, Mission Planner should be able to do the same thing with that data source... would be a nice thing. 

    Thanks for doing it. 


  • Yea - I am where the drones are ;-)

    Greetings to Australia 

  • ligi well done,did not know you were on here

  • the data is comming from here: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ftpdir/lists/geomag/AK.txt

  • Installed! as soon as i find my phone I'll take a look.  Where does it pull the storm data from? is it a standardized place or something you maintain?

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