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    The second picture from the top was shot with DroidPlanner and a Iris AFAIR of the 3DR team. Some searching and here it is
  • I am wondering, why 3DR uses Scenes from DJIs first Inspire Testflights (2nd Picture from top). I am really sure that this footage is taken from djis first public inspire 1 tests... But maybe i am wrong...

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    @Eric Day you can always use MAVPilot which supports TCP/UDP connections

  • I'm not sure involving jailbreak is a realistic path forward.

    There are legitimate options, though, such as FightingWalrus who make an MFi device that interfaces with iOS (they have an app, but it's not remotely as feature-rich as what Tower offers), or using something connected over WiFi (which I assume is possible since i understand that's how the Solo connects to its app).
  • @Bill Bonney What about legacy Bluetooth? I mean Bluetooth 2.1. I can enable this with jailbreak.For example, create a tweak to forward tcp connection to a RFCOMM connection. Then Tower app just have to support tcp connections.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. This Solo is great got the opportunity to fly it yesterday and all went great. Awaiting the gimbal to leash the full potential.


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    Jack, the record function will be added when the gimbal is released in a few weeks. 

  • I have a android tab 4 and my phone Note 4 and both work great but android app doesn't have the same features as the IOS. I wanted to use the record to camera roll and android app does not have this function. This was a great feature I was looking forward to and want to know if it is going to be added soon to this app.


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    Others may work, but just haven't been tested yet. 

  • What are the technical requirements for running the app on Android? Why so few tablets are listed as compatible?

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