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    BT4.0 i.e. Bluetooth 4.0 adds Bluetooth Low Energy. The Event38 used Bluetooth 2.0 i.e. classic bluetooth. Their unit is not compatible with Apple devices. If it was compatible it would be awesome. In the meantime using WiFi 'bridge' to 3DR radio is the easiest way to connect to iOS (Solo uses WiFi)

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    @Bill, Isn't that what Bluetooth Bridge by Event32 did? I have one and it seems to work just fine on my Android device but maybe there's an issue with Apple stuff.

  • Looks like it might be time to update the iPhone 3gs lol

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    @healthyfatboy. Bluetooth is too slow for streamed data. I've tried
  • Don't have solo yet. Downloaded iOS app to watch flight school videos. No sound from my iPad Air 1. Volume is turned on. Other streaming video apps work fine. Deleted and downloaded app again but same issue. Any suggestion?
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    Can't have the Tower app on iOS if you can't connect a telemetry module to it. If there was a BT 4.0 type connection from a normal telemetry module, then it might possibly work but without Mavlink coming in via some other way than USB, you won't get it on iOS.

  • This is exciting. Does it mean there's hope for a Tower app for iOS in the not-TOO-distant future?

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    Why does everyone goto that hotel to film Chris? I'm going have to stay there one day! 

    I see there are already two Solo's with N numbers

    N665NZ Solo 121A
    N666NZ Solo 121B

  • ....oh wait '4.3 or up' :( 

    Might have to try it on an emulator.

  • Merry Christmas everyone!

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