Some FPV (Cockpit View)


This is just run of the mill FPV flying, but I enjoy reviewing the fight for more than the visual perspective. Re-living the altitude, the roll and pitch, the rate of ascent and decent, the airspeed during the flight and the battery condition gives me a much fuller context than just viewing the HD video I was recording using my GoPro H3 Black.  Here is simple flyover of ready to be developed property!

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  • Nice DJI OSD. I really think that we need to revamp the 3DR minimosd, its has served us well but it is time to come up with something better. It needs to be better in reporting informations. This includes a less jumpy display when there is a lot of information, an up and down indicator, better clearer display characters. It needs to be a little more professional.

  • That is a DJI OSD. Either the miniOSD or the bigger iOSD. Only compatible with DJI Naza-M and above. Yes it has RTH. The diamond in the middle-up (running around to left and right) is to let us know where home is.

  • Or better yet, does it work w/ your FC do do the RTH ?

  • Thats a really attractive OSD, mind if I ask what you're using, and does it have a RTH feature?

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