Some video and photo of our first prototype.

ERIDA Gen.B all ready to launch an Indiegogo campaign tomorrow.
But before launch we want to share with you some photo and video of our first prototype ERIDA Gen.A . We also we would greatly appreciate your support.



ERIDA Gen.B tomorrow in INDIEGOGO!
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  • Alright mate. I'm not a marketing expert but.. it seems comparable to DJI and 3DR products. If I were you I'd look at my competition,They pay good money for their marketing though so be advised.

  • what do you think target price should be?

  • Secondly don't be so critical . You just saw our project and you know what we spend lot of time to create it. 

  • Sorry I delete it be mistake. 

  • First off.. Did you just delete my critique comments and leave the good ones out? Congratulations you just lost the trust you had earned. It's an incredibly disrespectful thing to do.

    Secondly I know how you can use a GoPro since I own one, but it's not optimized for UAV's.

    Carbon fib is expensive you're right on that. That's not our problem, that's YOUR problem to fix. Alright I'm going to stop now since I'm not sure you'll read this or censor it out.

  • We try to make price as low as possible. Only the large number of orders will enable to reduce the price. All body made from carbon. Carbon materials are expensive, and extremely complex when it comes to production. But carbon allows us to achieve high performance. About the GoPro, you can remove gimbal and legs , connect RC receiver and use copter for FPV . Also it's very easy to fit gimbal to another camera, you just need to change camera house.

  • Alright I checked it. The stats were not bad especially the speed compared to flight time. , not sure about the GoPro though. It's a good gadget but eeeh, overpriced. Keep up the good work and remember this is a professional-ish UAV forum, we're not easily impressed ;)

This reply was deleted.