Sparkfun AV Challenge 2012



The Sparkfun AV Challenge did not disappoint... Dizzying highs, crushing lows - it had it all!

Congratulations to team 'Overhead', Patrick and Trevor for taking out 1st place in the Aerial division (along with all who competed and provided us with hours of entertainment.)



For those who were unable to attend, click on this link to check out photos of the day. I have over 50 clips of video to wade through so expect some fun footage soon!

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  • Moderator

    Samantha, thanks for sharing these photos. I hope to hear more about the goings-on at the event, the photos are a great consolation for those of us who don't get out of the house often enough ;)

  • Developer

    Great photos Samantha, you really captured the spirit of the day!

  • 3D Robotics

    It was an APM sweep! Patrick and Trevor were flying APM2 and the winning rover was an APM 1 board with custom code and a very fancy GPS. My own ArduRover finished the course, but my little garage-sale car frame was way too slow to compete with the big boys.

    All the planes except for Roboto were APMs. About 15-20% of the cars used APM hardware of some sort, in my informal survey.

    Tomorrow is the Multicopter Rodeo, which will hopefully bring a range of different frames and flight controllers, as well as a lot of ArduCopters.

  • Awesome photos! Thanks Samantha for sharing. Please post the videos soon.

  • Developer

    Great register Samantha! I just saw all the pictures. =)
    Congratulations Patrick and Trevor!

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