3689491617?profile=originalSpectrum DX8 

2 Switches   1 TX channel

6 Flight Modes

You don’t need to sacrifice 1 RX channel to mix 6 Flight Modes out of two switches.

Just mix Aux2 to itself in 3 different ways depending on the position of the

F Mode switch.  You need to have Flight Mode enabled with the F Mode switch.

First go to Servo Setup and set Aux2 Travel to 85%


Then go to Mixing and select Mix 3, 4 and 5 und set it up as shown in the following pictures.


You will then get the Flight Modes a pictured below.

The good thing is, if the Flap/Gyro switch is in the middle (pos1) you always get

APM Flight Mode 4, which you could assign to Stabilize. 


So you have still the channel Rud and Aux3 free for other useful things.

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  • Is it possible to use 2 (3 position switches) for 6 flight modes? + channel 7 for additional one mode and channel 8 for one more to make total of 8 modes?? DX9

  • MR60

    An alternative, if you only want six settings and use the gear (2 settings) instead of AUX2 to save the three position AUX 2 switch for something else, 

    o leave all the servo settings to 100%

    o do the same as above, but

    o In mode 3, change AX2 to GER and set the switch to On

    o In mode 4, change AX2 to GER and the ranges to -60% and -42% and switch to FM1

    o In mode 5, change AX2 to GER and the ranges to -92% and -75% and switch to FM2

    Then set the following modes in Mission Planner

    1) Auto or Acro (which ever floats your boat that day)

    2) Stabilize

    3) Alt Hold

    4) Loiter or Position Hold

    5) Stabilize

    6) RTL

    In this way,

    • if you get into a OMG moment ... just let go of the sticks, throw all the switches down, and your copter will return to launch site and land
    • with the mode in the middle position, you are in stabilize not matter what the gear switch in
    • each transition between any progressive switch combination is a natural step
    • stabilize can enter any mode as any mode can go directly to stabilize
    • in addition, auto can go to RTL if you need to abort and loiter or position hold can go to altitude hold
    • Gear down are the simple and failsafe modes and gear up the more challenging modes 
  • For those of you following my recent thread with Manfred I have run across an interesting solution to the 6 position toggle switch. There is another option available by using a 6 position dial? Here is the link on Ebay for such a dial, specifically for use with Arducopter. It requires minor modification to the DX8? Hope this helps someone...


    It would be nice if the APM 2.9.1 could support more flight modes? I have a hard time deciding which options I will use. They all seem somewhat useful except for the last item labeled "toy"?

  • Ch 8 is usable on the TX8 and on the APM.


    I use this flight modes at the moment:






  • Peter

    As for now, there are only 6 flight modes available on the APM site; this is the limit for now.  From the TX8 point of view, you could create 9 flight modes, just use 2  3pos. switches and do it the same way as my 1. example.



    To switch to RTL via ch7 and AUX2 , you need to programm your RC -100% and +100% for AUX2 and assign a 2pos. switch to it.

    I have never used this option to switch RTL via ch7, but I assume that it would override the other flight modes while switched on.

  • Manfred - I seem to recall that Channel 8 is not usable? Is this correct?

    Now that I have the 6 position switching capability I am having difficulty deciding what additional modes I should use besides Stablize and Alt Hold? I would appreciate if others can chime in on this and let me know which 6 flight modes you have enabled on your systems.

    "Use your AUX2 and assign it to AMP ch7."

    - What settings do I need to make on the DX8 other than enabling AUX2 on the SWITCHES page?

    - If I assign RTL per this example how would it interact with the other flight modes? For example if I have Alt Hold enabled on one of the 6 position switches what would happen if I enabled RTL on AUX2 if was assigned to ch7? Would there not be a conflict or does RTL override all other flight modes regardless of where it is enabled?


    Here is a great question for those who want to chime in on this subject - Is it possible to somehow configure the DX8 to make all of the flight modes listed in Mission Planner Flight Mode dropdown menu available via the many toggle switches available on the DX8? Somehow it seems a shame to leave so many switches unused? Is this worth even pursuing?

  • Item 1:

    Yes you can use FMode for other assignments to, in the Mix it switches only the mixing on or off.

    You can also assign other switches to the Mix, it’s up to you.

    My post was only an example, to get an idea; you can vary it to your conveniences.

    You can use also other Mix numbers, you don’t need do stick to my examples.


    It works like this:

    You assign a 2pos. Switch to an Aux channel, so if you toggle this switch you get the first 2 flight modes, this should get the PW readings required for the 1. and 6. flight mode.

    Then you need a 3pos Switch as well, I used the FMode switch.

    This switch switches on and off the two mixings required.

    If the FMode switch is at pos 0 then there is no mixing switched on, so you have the 1. and 6. flight mode if you toggle the 2pos. Switch.

    If the FMode switch is at pos 1 then there is mixing 2 switched on, so you have the 2. and 5. flight mode if you toggle the 2pos. Switch.

    If the FMode switch is at pos 2 then there is mixing 3 switched on, so you have the 3. and 4. flight mode if you toggle the 2pos. Switch.



    That’s all, dead easy. If you understand the principle, then you can vary it to your conveniences.


    For the separate switch to dial RTL or land, yes its possible, but only for RTL.

    Use your AUX2 and assign it to AMP ch7.

    Then go to MP ArduCopter Config and select Ch7 option for Return to land.


    The DX8 can do 8 channels not more, even if you have a receiver with more channels.

  • Manfred - Given the settings I posted above can you recommend a way I can configure a dedicated switch for the RTL and LAND flight modes in additon to the 6 position toggle switch settings? It would be more intuitive if these two important options be on a dedicated switch if at all possible? I still have AUX2 on the receiver available and if it is not needed I would rather trade off the AUX3 dial for this option? My current understanding is the dial is intended for some sort of tuning option? If so how often would this be needed?

    Would there be any benefit to adding a receiver with more channels such as the AR10000? It has eleven channels? The DX8 certainly has enough toggle switches. There must be a way to utiltize these with the APM 2.5 controller?

  • Manfred - 

    Item 1 :  

    FMode is Inh, so it drives no other output ch.  But if you need to drive an output ch for some reason, you can assign any ch to it.

    Sorry for the confusion but if FMode is being used (as in your example for Mix 2 & Mix 3) won't that interfere with the settings if you also assign it to another channel function via the Switch settings page? I guess I am trying to understand how you can assign a toggle switch in the Switch Settings page to a specific function and then assign it to another function via the Mixes or even possibly other settings pages? Please clarify if my logic is incorrect in this.

  • Manfred - 

    1.   Go to “Switch Select” and link the Gear switch to AUXx

          Have F Mode Inhibited.

    2.   Then go to Servo setup and set AUXx to 85% , 80% travel.
    (With this you can then fine trim to fit the PW)

    !!! Check with the RC Monitor if AUXx is going from -85 to 80 when toggling the Gear switch. If yes, Good !!!

    3.   Then go to Mixing Mix2.

    1. Mix AUXx to AUXx
    2. Rate both -40%
    3. Offset 0%
    4. Sw FM1

    4.  Then go to Mixing Mix3.

    1. AUXx to AUXx
    2. Rate both -80%
    3. Offset 0%
    4. Sw FM2

    1 - In my case Aux1 and Aux3 are connected to the receiver and Aux2 is not connected at all so shouldn't I use Aux1 for my setup? Aux1 is connected to pin 5 on the APM so I assume Aux1 would have to be used in your example, correct?

    2 - Is there a reason why you did not recommend Mix 1 & Mix 2 instead of (Mix 2 & Mix 3)

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