3689491617?profile=originalSpectrum DX8 

2 Switches   1 TX channel

6 Flight Modes

You don’t need to sacrifice 1 RX channel to mix 6 Flight Modes out of two switches.

Just mix Aux2 to itself in 3 different ways depending on the position of the

F Mode switch.  You need to have Flight Mode enabled with the F Mode switch.

First go to Servo Setup and set Aux2 Travel to 85%


Then go to Mixing and select Mix 3, 4 and 5 und set it up as shown in the following pictures.


You will then get the Flight Modes a pictured below.

The good thing is, if the Flap/Gyro switch is in the middle (pos1) you always get

APM Flight Mode 4, which you could assign to Stabilize. 


So you have still the channel Rud and Aux3 free for other useful things.

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  • Thanks for your replies Jinjiro and Manfred. My Transmitter has been sent with 29 memories as Acro and one as hexa in airplane mode. I would save this hexa and then try settings just recommended by Manfred. I would like to know do I need to change some wiring in RX? Because I did try similar settings given elsewhere using Gear switch in DIYDRONES but I was unable to use them. Mission planner did not show any change in modes while using Gear switch apart from the default FM Switch 3 settings?

    Please let me know. regards


  • You can also do a similar setup in Acro mode

    Mix 1 Aux2 to Aux2 both -40%   Sw FM1

    Mix 2 Aux2 to Aux2 both -80%   Sw FM2

    And set Aux2 to 85% in Servo Travel

  • @Bhanu: then your DX8 is not in Heli mode but in Acro mode. The mixing explanation on this page is for Heli mode (the channel in the pictures says PIT and on your screen it says AX1).

  • I have tried doing it on my Spektrum DX8 but I don't find what is in the pictures below Trim setting (N 1 2 H M). Mine says Switch and setting is Inhibit. Mine is updated for latest firmware V2.06

    What to do?


  • You have to learn the code by hart, that’s for sure, but this is the same with any other flight mode setup.

    I’m glad you loved it.

  • That's cool I figured I could do that with mixing but never got around to it until now.  It is good that no matter where the F mode switch is positioned that the middle position of the AUX switch always reverts back to a known position.  I can see some danger in this if you forget where you assign different modes.  I assign 1, 1 to be my RTL switch so I am "gang loading" it as an emergency procedure to bring the copter back if I loose awareness.  Obviously having an OSD or telemetry will be necessary to back yourself up to ensure you know what position your switch is commanding at all times.

  • You saved me at least 2 hours - Thank you!

  • That is exactly what I need, very easy to follow the steps with the pictures.., thanks

  • Thanks....just on time for a new project!

  • 3D Robotics

    Thanks! Great tutorial 

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