SSH in DroidPlanner


Hi all!

I want to announce that ErleRobotics have integrated SSH in DroidPlanner. We are working with the BeagleBone+PXF we find this feature really interesting because we can launch, kill or do whatever we want with the autopilot directly in the core.

If you want to know more about this you can visit the following URL [1].

Thanks your time!


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  • OK, that makes sense. So whatever way they are connecting to the BeagleBone device (wifi, usb, network) can use an SSH tunnel.

  • Jake J this seems to be a special case where they have integrated a BeagleBone board with a PXF controller through a BeagleBone 'cape' board.  A BeagleBone is an embedded Linux device.    In their setup they want to remotely connect to the BeagleBone to upload files and/or make config changes.   This (I believe) is why they wanted to make a SSH connection to the BeagleBone from Droid Planner.   

  • Can someone explain to me what ssh is being used for in this case?  Is it encryption between DroidPlanner and the aircraft via wifi, or telemetry frequency?  Does this encrypt the Tx/Rx (I don't think so)? I'm new here so, please excuse me if seems obvious to most.

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