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  • Emin, yes, if he reaches his goal they get the 100k, minus 8-10% in fees. And if the product is BS, it's a risk backers take on kickstarter. There are stories of scam artists occasionally.

  • Whole "product" is nothing else but standard G-Mastor gimbal with addded handle. I would say it is expensive $300 handle. Not to mention it needs more engineering to make really working cine grade gimbal and not jerky BS.

  • ...and if he do collect 100K and product is BS?

  • Emin,

    No, if he doesn't reach his $100k goal he gets nothing. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform. 


  • Let us say the offender will successfully raise $1M at Kickstarter and shipped first beta units. At this point it is a matter of days to have Patent infringement litigation financed - there are many offices doing full service, including litigation financing, then have the preliminary injunction issued and enforced and still not pay a penny, while being on a good course to win the case.

  • Of course depending patents may become expensive journey, but there are still many single man army patent offices and attorneys working with flexible arrangements making the final deal win-win situation in each case. Everybody have an option to choose the lawyer and most appropriate terms. Shall the $100k lost profits be in stake, it does not make sense to get into arrangement with an office billing $5k per hour.

  • Actually, whole Stabilgo "project" is just repackaged Mastor Gyro from and yes, it does have separate gyro for each axis thus is violates Adams Sidmans patent. To me this is clear rip-off (expensive $300 handle)..

  • Patent law is somewhat complex, but what counts at most is the first claim with respect of the patent description and equivalent function rule. In general aircraft or UAV gimbals without handlebar(s) are not affected by this patent, as such only the cinema style gimbals are within the scope this particular patent. Going around this patent in a legally clean way is definitely possible even for cinema gimbals, however engineering needed is way beyond the Kickstarter project.

  • I think that patent won't hold.  It specifically describes a see-saw roll mechanism, which is different than the roll-axis most of these new gimbals use, and which are clearly superior for our application.  Also, it uses 1 gyro sensor for each axis.  1 IMU for all axis is an improvement on this.

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