FlytOS is a framework for building high-level drone applications, such as, aerial delivery, precision agriculture, surveys, photography, industrial inspections, disaster management.

It is built on ROS (Robot Operating System) and Linux, making it an ideal platform for research and commercial drone applications. It interacts with the drone / autopilot (flight stack) and exposes high level FlytAPIs in ROS, C++, Python, RESTand Websocket. These rich set of APIs allow for easy development of onboard business logic, as well as remote monitoring and control through web and mobile apps.

FlytOS provides several other features, including, security and 3D software simulator, to help developers build professional drone apps better and faster! 


Some of the key features of FlytOS are:

  1. Built on ROS: easily plug-in any of the advanced ROS modules for vision, swarm, SLAM, etc.

  2. Rich APIs for Navigation, vehicle-setup, calibration, etc.

  3. Onboard APIs for ROS, C++, Python.

  4. RESTful and Websocket APIs for Web/Mobile.

  5. Support for Pixhawk (PX4 flight stack), with linux companion computer.

  6. Trigger onboard apps from remote mobile/web UI.

  7. Easy custom-data plumbing between onboard apps and remote web/mobile UI.

  8. 3D Software Simulator for testing apps, without access to drone hardware.

FlytOS will soon be available to the drone developers community. Support for APM and other popular autopilots/drones is also being added to FlytOS. Learn more about FlytOS, here.

You can start building/testing your drone-apps right away with FlytSim, a 3D software simulator, based on Pixhawk SITL (no autopilot or drone hardware required). Several interesting sample onboard (CPP, Python), and web/mobile apps are now available on github, to try out with FlytSim. Checkout the FlytSim Demo, below (Youtube link):

If you would like to use an optimized/tightly-integrated linux flight-computer, please join the beta program for FlytPOD here:

Documentation and sample apps for FlytSim and FlytOS can be found here:

FlytSim is available for download here:

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