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  • Thanks for the comments guys, stay tuned for the next, less jumpy video of our h6x.

  • After watching the video, I don't know any of the details about your rotor (granted I have no sound).  I found it blurry and too fasted paced.  I mean this might wind someone who's never seen a quadrotor in, or work as a late night infomercial - but you're showing it to a community of UAV enthusiasts...

  • Yeah, agreed.  Nice looking frame, and cool video, but it was slightly nauseating.  Way too fast moving, especially at the beginning.

    Would be nice if you made an X8. ;)

  • Hi Duran!

    Way to go - Great Expo!!!

    However, I will second Dany - with such great builds,

    it would be nice if the editing was less jumpy :-)

    Saving up for the ei8ht!


  • Yeah, we've tried to make a super (Ultra) strong quad airframe with laods of room to put flight control, rx, video, telemetry etc etc, a frame that looks great and unique, that's more than half the price of the next 'high end' units available from other manufacturers.

    The ESC fit between the two plates, so very neat and out of the way, the wires are soldered directly to the ESC from motors yes, the only wire coming out at the bottom is the main power. Again the frame has got a lot of room to play with and diy yourself, it's very tough and we've specifically designed it that the motor mounts break when crashing hard rather than damaging your motor or frame, we've had crashes (doing really stupid things!!) where the airframe arm is dug all the way into the ground with motor and all, but on impact the motor mount (cheapest replacement part) breaks and both the motor and carbon tube are not damaged.

    The price of 350USD is pretty good considering the other frame options out there and this thing really flies!!

  • I like the fact that the center plates on the frame have plenty of mounting room. The problem that I've found with a few of the frames I've tried (HobbyKing Talon v1 and v2, DJI Flamewheel) is you don't have much space to mount the flight controller, receiver, VU (in the case of DJI Naza), battery, etc.

    I'm assuming from what I've seen that the motor and ESC cables are wired inside of the booms? So are the ESCs mounted to the bottom plate in the center? And as Dany pointed out if I'm going to spend $350 USD on a quad frame I'd like to know that it's going to hold up in a crash :)

  • nice vdo.
    the link on the vimeo page is wrong, though. An R missing

  • Distributor

    Nice video production, too much blur for my taste! :) 

    you should show how strong the frame is when it crash too. (pilot error)  As your frames are in high end range in terms of prices would be nice to know they don't shatter in pieces when they hit the ground. 

    (just a suggestion) 


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