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  • Wow I like your frame and the spring in those legs. Looks good.

  • I think it is the total weight of the QUAD can not exceed 8kg, and with those battery packs I think a lot of the 8kg has already been used.

  • Those props are massive and obviously those are some beefy pancake motors.

    Maybe the 8kg claim isn't too far off.
  • MR60

    Very nice design and packaging.

    A worrying point : notice how the quad's arm is badly twisting in video at 1:02. This is the issue with these techniques of round tube arms held by clamps : it is never perfectly help in place with vibrations and torque.

    I guess this is the first commercial application of the super sized props (28 inches) with super low KV (100Kv) and super high voltage (10S).

    It should be possible to build such a simple quad (maybe not as cleanly if you do not have a CNC router at home) for much much less money than their price tag. As I say often, we pay for our gnorance.

    Well done !

  • They're not taking 8kg of payload with those legs...

  • Those DJI is usually not cheap. If it is the one with waypoint it can be up to $900.

  • The $8,910 is for the frame and cool box... ;-)

  • way over priced, I will put my money down that someone with a 3d printer, some spare fiberglass material, and $100 hobbyking gift card could make the exact same thing and it might be past 2 grand.

  • oh the rolling case I believe is included in that price.

  • Yeah seems like quite the jump in price.   Doesn't seem like you missed anything major.

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