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  • Props  425*2 =  850$
    Lipo   295*4 = 1180$ shopprice
    ESC    195*4 =  780$ shopprice
    Motor  295*4 = 1180$ shopprice
    DJI A2       = 1300$ some US shopprice
    Radio        =  600$? estimated
    Charger      =  200$? estimated
    Total: 6090$

    15000-6090 = 8910$ For Alubox, Frame and... what did I miss? Not even a gimbal included?

    Anyway nice design!

  • I would like to see a customer service that can actually fix a gimbal that we poorly manufactured and never worked since they shipped it. I was very not impressed with months of inability to fix their brushless gimbal.. Finally had to ship it back to South Africa
  • Their Hobbyking parts are lighter than 3D Robotics's Hobbyking parts.

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