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  • Prepare to be sold lol

  • 100KM

    Legend! Holding thumbs for you guys (and that the Cape weather doesn't change in the hour), I'll be sold if you do this. 

  • Hehe thanks Wesley for the comments :)

    We're actually shooting today, will post videos soon :)

  • 100KM

    @Duran, you and the rest of the team at SteadiDrone have been doing great things as a Drone manufacturer (from SA)!

    And, (I believe) have been an inspiration to many Droners around the world. Great job guys! You'll sell heaps of these copters, possibly not to DIY'ers, but surely to professional guys looking for a one stop solution. I'm a big fan!

    You mention a couple of times that you would like to see someone build a multicopter that flies longer than an hour with a usable load attached. Steadidrone also implies this in your advertising, 60+ flights, etc. Agreed, I also have not seen anyone do this, and I'm itching to. In truth we have not seen you do it either, so maybe a friendly challenge then :)

    Take an empty QUAD X, strap a 500ml Coke bottle to it (full obviously - maybe a cold one so you can drink it after the flight) and hover it in front of a clock of sorts, for 60+ min.

    Show us and make us believers...

  • I think that if someone have 15k the best option would be to get a big electric heli and buy one of those fuel cells.

  • Now that is truly something I would rather not see hovering over my head.

  • There's a few, but here's one for example:

    I'm not recommending it, but it's one example.

    Welcome to Bergen R/C - /IndTurbine
  • R_Lefebvre would you mind linking me to the 900 turbine heli you were talking about?

  • Euan: agreed 100%.  I did a small run of Octocopters, and I priced the kits at about 150% what I figured the BOM was.  End of the day, I lost money, and got nothing out of all the time I put into it.

  • Thanks for the feedback Gary. 

    I agree, to a point, that a lot of guys can make a similar drone for less, obviously it does not cost us 14999 to make, else we would not be in business selling it for that, that's why they call it business :) Again, making a once off unit, yeah fairly simple, making a production line for them, marketing, packaging, testing, staff, website, business etc, another story. 

    I still have not seen, nor has anyone posted, a system actually available to buy, that has these, or similar features, for less, or close to the cost. All talk, I'd like to see them :)

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