iTunes linksAAC: feedAAC: Morris of MLB joins us to talk about his VTOL UAV, ITAR export regulations and the nuisances of being in the UAV business.Check out the awesome videos of his VTOL UAV on ten episodes we've surpassed 100GB of downloads and had a total of 223 people tune in live at some point during this last episode (with about 80 people at one time)! Incredible...
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  • T3
    MLB doesn't stand for anything particularly relevant.
  • No-one ever asks where the MLB name came from.
  • 3D Robotics
    This was an especially good one. High points include:

    --How MLB went from shoulder-mounted gliders to UAVs, and now back to gliders again (converting one to an electric UAV for NASA)
    --What happened to the domestic UAV startup industry after 9/11 (nothing good!)
    --Commercial opportunities for UAVs today in monitoring carbon sinks, such as the rain forest
    --Why a VTOL is an especially hard IMU problem (transition from vertical to horizontal flight)
    --And and always-popular Kalman vs DCM discussion!
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