Last week I was privileged enough to be invited to fly over Stonehenge Aotearoa, a modern day full scale adaptation of the original Stonehenge.

This was a great opportunity to test out the new Spline waypoint functionality that is coming in the next release.

The footage was captured on a 3DR X8 + GoPro.

It is a combination of manual flying for the close up shots and spline waypoints for the further out footage.


Stonehenge Aotearoa is a fully functional Astronomical Structure including a gigantic clock and calendar.  In addition to demonstrating the changing altitude of the midday sun over the year, it also identifies the current date, the times of the solstices and equinoxes and the precise time of local noon. It also reveals things that we cannot see - the ever changing length of a day (due to the eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit) and, where the sun would be seen if you could view it from space - the constellation it would appear to be moving through.  It also identifies the time of solar conjunctions with bright stars.

Unlike the original, visitors are able to take guided tours through the structure and see it working.



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