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UPS is now available as shipping method and we also have something called "negotiated rates", in other words i have to punch in the face a few UPS guys in order to get cheaper shipping prices (like SparkFun!). Before this ship something to Japan via UPS Expedited used to cost 60 bucks! and now is around $30 dlls!! (you save 50%). In hope in the future costumers will start using more UPS for large and expensive shipments, is more secure, is a lot faster, every package is insured, has live tracking number and they have funny brown trucks.Schematics and diagrams are now available for all products (i guess)....We carry new stuff and i re-organized the products, so please come and visit us!:!
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  • Developer
    I will choose USPS as they are more convenient, UPS crushed my Ventus 2hx, and has not settled insurance with NitroPlanes after 40 days, I don't have my refund either. USPS no problems...
  • USPS arrives about 130pm or so,UPS can arrive up to 7pm! I would much perfer the afternoon delivery than the evening one!This in in Dallas/FtWorth Texas
  • Jordi, Just don´t dump USPS altogether, UPS has a REALLY AWFUL service to my neighborhood, way worse than USPS (and costs about ten times as much). I promise not to complain about USPS delays and poor tracking.
  • He Jordi: Do the IR sensors you sell work with paparazzi? If so I guess they will run on 3.3V
  • Yep i agree jordi , when you send me my package it's take about 10 days but when i ordered some laptop in the same time on ebay it's take only 5.
  • Developer
    I like USPS and they actually pick up the packages for free and i personally use it a lot for national shipments, is cheap ;-) ... But I'm SICK of costumer complains about delays and why my USPS tracking number is "Not Working" on international orders... Now the negotiated rates from UPS is to give better prices to my costumer that requires a first class service. FedEx might be better internationally, but punch in the face several FedEx guys is not enough, i might need heavy weapons to get their attention. I need to ship a lot more volume to get good prices..
  • Just put Usps , is reliable , cheap , never lost a package in 3 years and 3-5 days to delivery to France , faster than dhl and consort .
  • Warning to Australian users: UPS and some of the other services (Fedex as well for sure) will automatically put your package through customs if you are a non-business user as they get to charge you a brokerage fee which they pocket.

    This was dreamt up as a revenue generating ploy and they will put items through customs even if the articles are worth less than A$1000 which means they can be legally imported duty free in to Australia. My brother works in customs and they are sick of it as the $1000 limit was meant to save manpower, with these couriers pulling this scam, it not only means you get to pay their "brokerage" fee but also that customs have a great deal more work and costs more of our taxes.

    Always use the United States Postal Service when shipping US to Australia. A lot US companies try to persuade you to use couriers like Fedex and UPS mainly as they will collect items which saves the vendor going to the post office. Yeah, might save them work but will cost you a nice $50+ dollar brokerage fee.

    Not saying DIYDrones are doing this, just something to watch for when shipping to Australia.
  • UPS, DHL, Fedex... Customs 99% sure.

    EMS, Airmail, 1% sure
  • This is great deal-wise but UPS has very poor service. UPS for us means Use Purlator Silly :P
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