Stronger landing gear


After tearing through countless quantities of landing legs on my drone I decided to make my own, somewhat stronger than the original legs.  Through years of modifying cars I have learnt (the hard way!!) that when you make something stronger, there's always something else in the chain that will fail.  So with this in mind I have designed these legs, and while they are a little rough at the moment (I only had hand tools at my disposal), they all but saved my copter last night in a crash from about 10ft caused by a short... 

The upper part, (copter is on it's back) is aluminium strapping with holes drilled from the original legs as a template, the lower part is a 10mm tube.  I've used two mounting holes in the tube, the top one I have used a steel screw, but to provide a suitable failure point, I use a plastic screw in the bottom hole and I've glued an 10mm LED in the bottom because I have a heaps of them and they are nicely rounded to prevent the landing gear digging into the ground.


When assembled they are nicely angled, typically they don't give much in a hard landing, but they worked brilliantly in an un-powered decent from well over 10ft onto concrete, resulting in absolutely no damage to the copter other than requiring four new plastic screws for the landing gear.  

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