Submarine Quadrotor

 Here's a video from one of our recent tests of our GTQ-Cormorant: a submarine and quadrotor hybrid.

We use an air pump/solenoid system to move air between the clear, water-tight pressure hull and an external air bladder for depth control (down to around 7' in this test). An APM 2.5 controls SAS and pump/solenoid switching. We use the barometer onboard the APM as a depth sensor.


More details and videos will be posted soon:

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  • We can and do! It just takes more current to use the flight propellers underwater.  

  • Nice!!

    Shame you can't operate the quad underwater to maneuver around! ;-)

  • Thanks all!

  • Amazing !

  • Hey! I use to swim in that pool. :) Nice work. 

  • Developer

    Gotta love it!  The depth control is really interesting to see.

  • Excellent!!

  • Very nice! 

  • Admin

    Hi DB,

    Well done and well executed. Most impressive!



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