I have successfully tested the Cheerson CX-20 Auto-Pathfinder (also called the Quanum NOVA). This quadcopter uses an APM v2.52 with the ArduCopter v3.1.2 already installed. It fly very well and all the Arducopter features are working very well....

Above, a video during the maiden flight of the CX-20 has been taken with a  GoPro 3 "Black Edition" mounted on the anti-jello mounting base.

Test conditions: Wind 22 Km/h gusting 33 Km/h 

The APM 2.5.2 (with an external magnetometer) with the Arducopter v3.1.2 handle very well the CX-20, the flight is very stable in loiter mode in spite of the strong gusts.



Below the factory PID installed:


The flight modes set by default:


I have added a telemetry datalink and tested sucessfully the Droid Planner v2.0 (Android) and the Mission Planner (PC).


More infos at:

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  • ... one quastion for those who open the Quanum: the lower USB port is a prolongued of the internal one? Maybe I just can bypass it and go directly to the internal one as per J.L pictures...

  • Thanks Cedrik!

    I was thinking the same, maybe a 'cold' soldering?

    I will then open the drone in the next days and check all them... 

    BTW, I add that I connect yesterday my RoBo 3D printer that use the same Arduino device and with the last driver update it work perfect, so I discard the driver issue for this reason...

    Thanks again, I will post the results of the verificaftion as soon i will be able to perform it! :)

  • hello
    sometimes the USB port below is defective
    the connection it hurts

  • Hello to all! 

    Thanks to the J.L. indications I did bought a Quanum Nova from HK that arrived this week and I already start to test the Mission Planner.

    Now I have an issue that I not know if is connected to the quad or to the PC (Windows 7): I connect the USB and not always it is recognized as COM port as Arduino MEGA 2560: sometime it is visible in the System (together with the other LPT and COMs ports) sometime not (usually it connect at first trial after rebboted the PC, then i connect successfully on the Mission Planner, then after a while it going to disconnet and then is hardly recognized the COM port from the system, even rebooting the drone and connect-disconnect the USB port.

    I did update the Arduino Mega driver with the last sw but nothing seems to change: every time it going to disconnect I need to reboot the PC.

    I also find the Android Mission Planner sw but, even with drone battery, my tablet do not recognize it.

    Some suggestion with your experiences how to solve it? 


  • bonjour jean louis

    j ai un probleme avec mon cx20 

    quand je le met en route j arme les moteurs

    probleme c est que les moteur tourne tous seul alors que la manettes des gaz est a 0

    comment faire la config dans mission planner


  • hello jean louis 

    I have a CX20 I have a small problem with
    I qaund the lights j Weapon AC motor function
    concern engine rotates with the throttle and down
    on how to configure task planner


  • I never figured out what the problem was exactly, but I updated the firmware to the most current version. and the issue hasn't happened again. It still wants you to power on the transmitter after the quad is powered up, which is weird, but workable. 

  • hello Jean-Louis, I read Eric English's problem regarding not being able to unarm the engines and your suggestions to solve it. I have the RTF version and did not change the RX/TX, nor do I have mission planner...any other suggestions I can try to solve the issue? The QN was flying fine the first couple of flights, now I can only arm the engines 1 out 5 tries and when I'm able to take-off, the FC takes over as soon as I am 10m away or so and does a RTH landing (sometimes very well executed, sometimes very poorly)...Many thanks for your help.

  • Developer

    @Tod: I have used the Cx-20 factory setup for the telemetry. The CX-20 firmware has not been updated, this is the ArduCopter v3.1.2.


    The 3DR telemetry is working well with the latest version of the mission planner v1.3.7 and also with the DroidPlanner 2

    Full autonomous flight mission with the Cheerson CX-20 auto-pathfinder

    Please take time to read my tuto about this at:

    TUTO: Connecting the telemetry to the Cheerson CX 20 (aka the Quanu...



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