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  • Hats off to the awesome creativity !

  • A very interesting demonstration.

    It does seem to me that this method of shape shifting becomes more and more suitable as size and mass decrease.

    While this seems to work very well for your tiny quadcopter it would (with existing materials) possibly not work as well for larger ones.

    That said, "drones" and everything else seem like they will continue to shrink as much as possible because that is safest and most economical (and most convenient for that matter).

    Clearly in Nanotechnology, the reasonable implementation of simple "morphing" structures is going to be a very significant element.

    Great demo guys.

    I would like to know what material you used for the morphing frame, how the "morphing / hinging" was acheived and the approximate number of "morph" cycles before failure.

    Seems like those are the essential data.


    Gary McCray

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