Ok, so I eventually got one of my quads working on 3.0.1! Did the compassmot, and eventually started loitering correctly!Also did a vibe upgrade - double moongel corners for APM and the jdrone motor mounts (props were already balanced). The effect has been dramatic. Used to be +/- 5 on Acc z...now....this:


Bump in the middle was a hard landing after I forgot to ramp up throttle to 65% before switching to stablise....AGAIN...:-(

If we zoom in, we get this:


X and Y:


It flies, alt holds and loiters like silk...I tune Loiter back a bit to 0.8 though, and it moves a bit, but doesn't get fidgety.

However, all is not perfect. The motors all seem to be spinning at different rates when level! (I was buzzing about a bit at the end).


There is another problem though...after the hard landing, IT WONT ARM! I have to go to MP to press arm from there. I simply don't know what the problem is. A new failsafe in 3,0.0?

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  • Thanks Jason.

    Ok, I've rechecked the arms, and two were not "spirit level" level; the bubble was just touching the centre lines, so I've given them a wee twist, and they're back to absolutely straight. Will do a test flight later.

    Re: arming; I've tried re-arming tonight, after resets and recalibrations...and still nothing. I can see no obvious fault anywhere - full GPS lock, full rx, battery at max, set to stablise, compass spot on...is there a CLI command I can run to see what failsafe is active? Once I arm it via MP, it flies absolutely normally???

  • Try calibrating your compass, that kept me from getting my new 3.0 test quad to arm.
  • Would you mind posting some Pictures on your build?

    (some close-up pictures of how the apm is attached to the frame too).


  • Developer

    Motors spinning at different rates when level is caused by Yaw output.  Basically the copter frame, when not perfect, will induce yaw which must be compensated for. 

    3.0.0 introduces some new hardware failsafe checks before arming. I would look into that. Also make sure you are in Stabilize when trying to arm.


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