Hi Guys I got the wing covered With Ultra Cote from a roll I bought 25 years ago when I first got into R.C.and added flaps and Ailerons out of solid Balsa. mounted with 1/2 inch nylon hinges with a brass cotter pin I put black markings on the bottom of the wing so I will know if it is right side up or not I am debating putting 1 3/4 inch slats 3/4 of an inch ahead of the leading edge to give it "STOL" performance I think I will leave it the way it is for now and finish the build I still have to iron it a couple of more times to get all the wrinkles out. It is not professional Quality but it is certainly stronger than the wings on my radian pro the wing root is aluminum and the ribs are 1/16 inch balsa and a carbon fiber reinforced leading edge the voids between the ribs are filled with 666 psi high density spray foam it is 78 inches by 9 inches(702 Sq in) and weighs a pound and a half  There are 2 metal gear servos for the flaps and ailerons in the middle it will be attached to the fuselage with 4 bolts with a nylon angle of incidence" wedge" in between. Here are some pix of the build. You guys have a great day!

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Comment by Carl La France on August 1, 2012 at 2:40am

Oops 66psi not 666 Have a Great day!

Comment by R. D. Starwalt on August 1, 2012 at 5:10am

Outstanding progress Carl!

You are doing some pioneer type exploration on materials and techniques. In a little while you will have nothing left to do buy fly it!


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