T3 Season 2, The Model


Its T3 time again but first I have started tagging people that have entered T3 in the past on their member icons its a very small recognition for their valuable contributions which have driven APM forward faster than it might have without the competition. They have not only put their equipment on the line discovering new ways of doing things but countless hours as well.

Unsung heroes in the development of low cost autopilots for all.

So lets get into this round.

I waste far too much time on the most excellent GEFS there could be more 3D buildings laid on top of the Google Earth base layer. Lets change that.

The last T3 challenge "The Cube" bought some really outstanding results and the natural progression from this is automated flight around a building or natural point of interest and the creation of a 3D model perhaps in 123D catch of the subject. Last November Alan Sanchez showed us how. Improvements in the multirotor code that came into play at the Sparkfun AVC will help with the flying.

This could be achieved with a fixed wing platform with a little thought.

We should have some ground rules (pun intended) you must seek permission to make a model of the building, or natural wonder! You should fly no higher than 130m and the flight should be hands off all the way and you should stay visual with the airframe at all times. Please do not create a model of something in class A airspace unless it's at a recognized model aircraft field.

The flight must be at very least autonomous from just after take off to just before landing. If you can do it all autonomously bonus points! FPV entries will not be permitted.

If you submit your model to Google Earth and get it placed bonus points when it appears on GEFS for me to fly around it. In this case the model might be skinned with images taken from the air.

This is no simple task so it should remain open for six months. Normally I tack time on at the end so to break with tradition lets start the competition on the 1st of August and run all the way to 1st Feb 2014! That gives folks the extension weeks in advance!

Prizes to be announced when I have finished twisting CA's arm. As we know he always comes good.
I am also putting out a call for volunteer judges from the ranks of previous T3 entrants to help me decide. This one is I think going to be very subjective and how attempts are documented is going to be a big factor. 

There is no doubt automated building inspection will be a part of the future for sUAS.

Good Luck, be safe


Now let the traditional but did you mean XYZ questions begin! Oh and if you are tooling around on GEFS as well look out for me as Gary sUAS News, often slope soaring ;-)

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  • @ Randy 

    "Pixhawk auto camera trigger (without CHDK)"

    Does its work on APM 2.6  connect to ch7 camera trigger? 

  • With kaspersky no problem found in

    Feixiang RC Model Wholeseller Shop
  • Moderator

    I did just wonder if it was me though - false positive?  Anyone else get this?

  • T3

    Ok David, thank you, and sorry

  • Moderator

    Hi Sylvain,

    Where I go to that website, it pops up with a virus embedded on the default page. "Exploit Blackhat SEO.

    1 active threats have been detected on this link

    Navigation on this site is not recommended.
    51 compromised pages have been found on

    "Blackhat SEO is a malicious code present on fraudulent websites or illegally injected on legitimate but hacked websites without the knowledge of the administrator. The intention behind these code injections is to detect and exploit vulnerabilities on applications installed on your computer to install malicious and unwanted software that compromise the security of all data on the affected PC."

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    Motors are multistars 3508-380kv from HK, they are any others good motors with same specs at Lxrc model (sunnysky, Emax MT, LD M serie, all at  29$ *4

    Prop 15*6 from Rctimer 20$

    Esc Himulti series 20A from Lxrc, spec said 6S ready, but take care with that, i used them anly with 4S 7$ * 4

    Lipo 5Ah 4s Zippy compact 30$

  • T3

    Lxrc model, sorry, you need to register to see prices

    Feixiang RC Model Wholeseller Shop
  • T3

    Interesting, thanks!

  • T3

    A - yes, i have a vibrations problem , 12mm arms are too thin, specialy the front arms, but i think i could fix it with a cable beetwen front and back arms. If it don't work i will change arms for 22mm carbon tubes.

    B -It is handmade with carbon tubes and plates (cut with dremel, i don't have any CNC machine), and lot of pieces comes from a old mini650 steadycam hexa.

    You can make you own with tube clamp, pieces and arms from Lrxc model, for gimbal pieces you need a mini650 :)

  • T3

    Nice frame!  Two questions.  

    A: How are the vibrations?  Any shaky pictures?

    B: How much does it cost?  Could you perhaps post a parts list?  How much of it is custom?

This reply was deleted.