T3 the Vertical Horizontal one


This one should be easy if you have any of the current crop of Kickstarter VTOL airframes, of course I will award less points so you might not win.

The task is simple.... (not)

Auto take off

Autonomous hover for at least 1 minute after take off

Transition to winged flight and fly no higher than 120m

Then circle radius 80m for as long as you can. (This makes the circle 500m a turn)

This of course points to the current delivery drone mania. To get noticed by Amazon try for greater than 24km about the distance their machine can deliver (apparently)

We will make this a six month contest as its hard. On the plus side its building time in the Northern Hemisphere.

For extra points some sort of silly cargo that makes me smile. Super bonus points added for an autonomous vertical landing as well. (All landings to be vertical)

If you can make a multirotor fly that far then all well and good, but I will be looking for the least amount of power used in event of a draw. 

The longest distance wins.

Good luck, I look forward to May 2nd 2016 and the fruit of your labors.

Glittering prizes TBA

Let the pointing out of my Swiss cheese thinking commence...

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  • Any news here yet?

  • Moderator

    I also have been getting lots of 500's but I think it is time for the hammer to fall. I declare this round closed!

    I will discuss the result with Chris.

  • Looks like DHL's Parcelcopter 3.0 tilt-wing specs are 2.0 kg over 8.3km at 70 km/h.  That's actually pretty weak.  I'm surprised the range is that short.  You could even do that with a quadcopter.

  • Yeah, you're not the only one.

    So should I bother doing one with the gas heli, or is that "unfair advantage?" ;)  How about 2.5kg for 100 km from a machine costing about $4000?

  • Um so I can still get in? I'll try to get it done within the next couple days if the weather holds then! ;-)

    BTW the DIYD site has been giving me 500 errors lately, a lot of the pages don't load at all, or only after 5-7 tries. Even from different devices.

  • Moderator

    Ohhhhhh JB, such a flexible contest. How close are you to flying....... Don't tell me weeks.

  • Hi Gary M

    Is this T3 over now? I completely forgot about it! Bummer... have the plane here but not the logs yet to beat 50km.

  • T3

    I all

    It's time to show our copy, but it not an entry, we need (a lot) more time

    The new Vétole V2 is build with 2* Tek-Sumo from HK.

    Stabilisation in FW mode and Copter mode is very good, and we are able to do some shorts transitions, but control is very hard in the wind , and we have still a lot of work to tune fine all the setup.

    We are using the latest beta Pix4 firmware.

    We still belive in this design, it's hard, but it's good. ^ ^

    Here are two pictures and a small crapy vidéo with two quick transitions, the second one ended on the floor.

    Wind, as usual, is around 50 km/h.



  • Here's the video of Procyon.  Notice the wind condition. I'm expecting some new batteries to arrive shortly, if I get some calm winds, maybe I'll try for 50km with a 40oz of Canadian Whiskey.  Just not sure how much more effort and risk I want to put into this.

  • T3

    Ok Garry, tank you for the delay, we will try to make it...

This reply was deleted.