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T3-Round 8 Deadline Extended to Monday

Well, I did it again: scheduled the T3 contest to end on a 3-day weekend in the US and forgot about the holiday. This is Labor Day in the US, and most people have Monday off, so I'm extending the deadline by 24 hours to 12:00 midnight PST on Monday.

BTW, we now have two successful entries. Brakar's very creative double-egg drop mechanism is above. They didn't break!

Get out there and drop some eggs! As always, entries in the comments here.

And remember the egg-drop command is now in the stock ArduPilot code. Couldn't be easier...just uncomment this routine in the Events tab and assign a waypoint to your target location:



float temp = (float)(current_loc.alt - home.alt) * .01;

egg_dist = sqrt(temp / 4.903) * (float)ground_speed *.01;

if(wp_index == 3){

wp_radius = 10;

if(wp_distance < egg_dist){




wp_radius = 20;





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