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T3-Round 8: The egg-drop round!


Inspired by the Outback Challenge's waterbottle drop challenge, we're happy to now announce the start of the 8th round of the T3 Competition.

Your mission this time: have your UAV autonomously drop an egg as close to your home/launch position as possible (heads up!).

(Note: Our contest judge, Gary Mortimer, reminds us that it is illegal to drop any solid object out of an airborne vehicle in some countries, including the UK, so please check your local regulations to determine if this is legal in your area.)

How you have your UAV carry the egg and what mechanism you use to drop it is up to you (maybe a good time to use the built-in relay on your new ArduPilot Mega board?). The only requirement is that the drop be AUTONOMOUS--you need to set your autopilot to initiate the release when it detects that it's the right distance from the home location. The aircraft must be in forward motion with a speed of at least 15mph at the time of drop, and at least 50ft high (ie, no unfair advantage for quads!)

Because this first "T" in T3 stands for "trust", we're going to trust you to mark your home position and measure the distance the egg landed from that--no need to strap a GPS logger to the egg. The path your UAV takes before and after the drop doesn't matter, as long as it was under autonomous control during the drop part of the run. You will get EXTRA POINTS for an unbroken egg. How you achieve that (parachute, whatever) is up to to you, but please document your method with pictures.

Please submit the following in the comments as your entry: KML track of your UAV, with drop point, egg impact point, and "home" marked. Distance measured and reported, along with autopilot type. Please include a picture of your egg after it's landed, broken or not.

Scoring will be as follows: competitors will be ranked in closeness of egg to home. You get a 10m bonus for an unbroken egg.

Deadline: about six week from now--Sunday, September 5th at 12:00 midnight PST.

Have fun!

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    Feel the love
  • 3D Robotics
    Just to chime in, here's the unofficial "Founder's Prize":

    First Prize for Accuracy: Mark
    First Prize for Eggshell Integrity: Brakar
    First Prize for Patio Management and Storytelling: Brian
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    Ok will make sure its ANO friendly
  • Well hopefully next round I can enter
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    I should have added with only three more rounds to 12 we should probably push through and declare the first league winner after 12 rounds. Even if it takes two years ;-) The points are close its still anyones game. Especially if somebody manages to get a list of chores written by Brians wife for him. Perhaps thats the next round.
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    I hope this posts ok, well here is the decision.... I am just a touch disappointed that there were no cooked egg images posted.

    For Round 8, the one with eggs.

    1. Mark 25
    2. Brakar 18
    3. Brian 15
    4. Chris B 12

    1. Brian Wolfe 76
    2. Mark Griffin 51
    3. Krzysztof Bosak 50
    4. Brakar 46
    5. Vassilis 24
    6. Bill Premerlani 21
    7. Jesse Jared 13
    8. Andrus Kangro 12
    8. Riccardo Kuebler 12
    9. IOS 6
    9. MarcS 6
    9. Joe 6
    10. Steve Joyce 5
    10. Alexander Malikov 5
    10. Hopslink 5
    11. Steve Westerfield 3
    11. Chris Anderson 3
    12. Icebear 1
  • I think it would be fair if Brian and I share a place. (the soft soil at the spot was not of my credit). Mark however was in my opinion in a class of his own this time.
  • I believe as it was so well laid out from the start your algebra is correct. Just sucks I'd have loved to drop eggs from mine but UK doesn't allow it (even I live near to Salisbury plain and we always hear them blowing shit up and see them doing para runs).
  • T3
    Hi Gary,
    According to the rules: "Scoring will be as follows: competitors will be ranked in closeness of egg to home. You get a 10m bonus for an unbroken egg."

    As I achieved the closest distance (1m), this means that I get the highest ranking.
    Brakar second with 26m -10m bonus = 16m
    Brian third with 26m

  • T3
    Decisions like this are why you make the big bucks my friend.

    Whatever you decide is cool. I've already considered my place a happy third.

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